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Last updated: 25th Jan 2021

ACE Cash Express Review


ACE Cash Express has been offering credit solutions to customers across America for more than 50 years. As the largest checking cashing store operator in the USA, it’s fair to say they bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the short term lending market.

What’s more is that they certainly haven’t rested on their laurels during that time, offering one of the widest selections of short term loans and other financial products to US borrowers, including:

  • Payday loans
  • Instalments loans
  • Title loans
  • Bank account
  • Pre-paid debit cards

Read on to learn more about how ACE Cash Express loans can help you to overcome almost any financial emergency along with the steps you can take to apply today.

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ACE Cash Express In Numbers

The rates for ACE Cash Express loans will vary depending on the type of loan you’re applying for along with your state of residency. The table below will help to give you an idea of how much loans like Ace Cash Express will cost, based on their rates in California.

Loan Type Loan Amount Example Fee Indicative APR
ACE Cash Express Payday Loans $100 $17.64 214.62%
ACE Cash Express Payday Loans $200 $35.28 214.62%
ACE Cash Express Instalment Loans $400 $648.85 611%
ACE Cash Express Instalment Loans $1,000 $1,787 611%

Key Features

ACE Cash Express loans have helped tens of thousands of borrowers to access the funds they need during a financial shortfall, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be right for everyone.

Take a quick glance at our pros and cons of loans like ACE Cash Express for an overview of their benefits.

  • More than 50 years of experience providing short term loans
  • Wide range of lending products available
  • Excellent customer service record
  • High interest rates compared to other loans like ACE Cash Express
  • Online products only available in seven states


Due to their popularity and reputation, we get a lot of queries about ACE Cash Express. Here’s a look at a couple of the most common thing were asked.

Yes. All applications to ACE Cash Express are assessed directly by them and they’re wholly responsible for depositing funds and debiting payments from your checking account.

It’s also a great advantage when it comes to any questions and queries regarding your loan, cutting out the middle man and deal directly with your lender.

Yes! Just because you’ve had trouble getting credit elsewhere doesn’t mean that you won’t be accepted by ACE Cash Express.

They’ll take into account your entire financial circumstances to make an affordability assessment and. Your credit score is used as part of this process but the final outcome is not entirely dependent on it.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for loans like ACE Cash Express you’ll need to meet their minimum affordability and creditworthiness requirements which will vary depending on your state and the type of loan you’re looking to apply for.

Regardless of these factors, there are minimum eligibility requirements that you’ll need to fulfill to be considered. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age when you apply (21 years of age in some states)
  • Be a permanent US resident living in an eligible state
  • Have a valid US checking account in your name
  • Have a valid Social Security Number for identity verification
  • Be able to comfortably afford your loan repayments

You may also need a valid e-mail address and mobile number or be asked to provide additional documentation to support your application.

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State Availability

The availability of loans like ACE Cash Express will not only depend on your individual creditworthiness but also on state laws.

Take a look at the table below for information on the state availability of each loan.

ACE Cash Express Payday Loans Ace Cash Express Instalment Loans
California Ohio
Florida Delaware
Idaho Missouri
Kansas New Mexico
Louisiana Texas

Customer support

ACE Cash Express has its own in-house customer services team to deal with each type of loan they offer meaning that you’ll always deal with a specialist should you ever need any assistance.

Contact them by telephone or e-mail, or visit one of their stores located nationwide for face to face help.

Department ACE Cash Express Telephone ACE Cash Express E-mail
ACE Cash Express Payday Loans (866) 355-6815
ACE Cash Express Instalment Loans (877) 876-2274
ACE Cash Express Title Loans (877) 769-2172

Application Process

You can apply for ACE Cash Express loans online in less than five minutes with an instant online decision available at the end of your application.

Once you’ve decided that ACE Cash Express loans are the right option for your circumstances, it’s time to start your application. Choose the loan type from their menu on the right-hand side of the screen then enter a few basic personal details to get the ball rolling.

Step 1

Each state applies its own unique regulatory requirements to payday loans and instalment loans across the country. To help determine the suitability of each loan for your circumstances, you’ll need to tell ACE Cash Express loans more about your residency.

Step 2

As we’ve seen in this ACE Cash Express review, you’ll be able to manage your entire loan application online and the next step is to create your account. Set up a secure password to keep your information safe.

Step 3

With those steps complete, you’ll now need to enter some financial details regarding your employment, income and checking account. Ace Cash Express loans can then be approved online with funds typically transferred to your account within 24 hours.

ACE Cash Express Review – Conclusion

The range of ACE Cash Express loans on offer is really their standout feature, with payday loans, instalment loans and title loans all available online. They are a little expensive compared to other providers, although they more than make up for this with their excellent acceptance rates and flexible lending terms.

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