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Zopa Loans is an innovate peer to peer lending platform that matches savers with individuals wanting to borrow. By completely cutting out the banks and building societies, both savers and borrowers can benefit from enhanced interest rates that benefits everyone involved.

As a multi-award winning platform, they have revolutionised the lending marketplace with more than £3 billion offered to UK customers since their inception in 2005.

With 60,000 active individual investors on their books and over 300,000 borrowers approved, they are company which genuinely looks to avoid the ‘computer says no’ approach to lending.

Why Get Your Loan With Zopa?

Cut out the banks and building societies to get better loan rates

Borrow up to £25,000 (subject to status)

More than £2 million of loans approved every day

No early repayment charges or hidden fees


As a lender with added responsibility to their investors, you’ll need to ensure that any loan you apply for can be comfortably repaid. Loans are available from £1,000 to £25,000 and can be taken over a term of between one and five years.

Once the initial application has been completed you’ll be free to browse the different loans interest rates available from investors with representative interest rates sat at 9.9% APR. What’s more is that they’ll never charge you any early repayment fees should you want to clear your balance earlier than expected and you’ll only ever be charged interest whilst an outstanding balance is in place.



Loan Amount:

£1000 - £25000

Available Terms:

60 Months

Loan APR:


Minimum Requirements:

Must be over the age of 18

Must have a valid UK debit card

Must be in full or part time employment

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