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TitleBanko Review

TitleBanko is not a direct auto title loan lender, instead, it operates as a connection service. It works with its pool of lenders across 36 states in assisting you to get a loan that you qualify for. The good thing is that unlike many other lenders, its partners accept collaterals of both vehicles and motorcycles when issuing loans.

The company offers a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $30000, which is quite a huge amount compared to the rest. The only red alert with this company is that the rates are not disclosed until you submit your information online.


Since the company operates as a connection service, costs vary depending on the lender you are matched with. Based on previous experiences with auto loan titles, most of them come with a very high APR which puts your car/motorcycle at the risk of repossession should you fail to pay the loan.

Key features 

TitleBanko is a bit shady when it comes to the charges. While their loan amount is considerable, it’s always good to know the costs before committing. You have to fill their online form to get to view the different rates from their network of partner lenders, which is not the best for the clients.


  • Wide accessibility – it has partner lenders in about 75% of all the states (36 ), which means more people get a chance to access its services.
  • A wide pool of clients – due to the friendly terms of some of the partner lenders, TitleBanko attracts a lot of borrowers. For example, some lenders offer loans on cars that are still not yet fully paid. Also, most of the lenders do not check on the credit status of the borrowers.
  • Fast processing – The company processes the information you provide very fast. Within seconds, you are matched with a lender. If you qualify for a loan, most lenders will disburse the funds within one business day.


  • Not transparent – some very crucial information such as the rates, reviews page (BBB or Trustpilot page) which is dreadful.
  • Not entirely online – despite filling the online form on the website, you still have to take your vehicle for inspection to a place near you.
  • Not available in all states – TitleBanko is only available to 37 states.


How long does it take to apply for a loan?

Not that much at all, filling the online form takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the amount of the loan I can get through an auto title loan?

The amount of loan you get depends on the value of your vehicle/motorcycle. As of now, it offers loans of approximately half the current market value of your automobile. 

What are the charges for the auto title loans?

Since TitleBanko is not a lender, it doesn’t set the credit decisions and loan rates.  It just connects you with an ideal lender and should you choose to work with them, they will provide the cost of your loans in the contract.

What if I don’t have a motorcycle or a car, can I get a loan?

TitleBanko uses your car or motorcycle as collateral for the auto loan that you’ll be offered. Also, the lenders on this network use the value of your vehicle to determine the loan amount that you qualify for. Therefore, if you don’t have a vehicle or a motorcycle, it’s not possible to get an auto loan in this platform.

Eligibility Criteria

Just like other lenders, to qualify for a TitleBanko auto title loan, you have to meet several requirements.

  • Must be a citizen of the USA or permanent resident
  • Must be 18 years old and above
  • Proof of an income
  • Have a motor vehicle or motorcycle

These are just the general requirements for any lender. The exact eligibility criteria depend on the lender you will be connected with.

State Availability

Out of the 50 states, TitleBanko has partner lenders in 36 states, which means a broad lender network and wide borrower base. They include;

Alabama Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire,  New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  

Customer Support

The customer service is available if you need any assistance. You can call them at 844-299-3234.

Application Process

The application is pretty straightforward, just three-steps. 

Step 1 – Fill information about yourself and the car

Unlike many auto loan title lenders, TitleBanko allows you to select the loan amount you would like to apply. Then, enter your ZIP code and cell phone number. Enter your personal information which includes the date of birth, name and email address.

You enter the current market value of your car and whether or not it’s fully paid off. In case it is not fully paid off, you will enter the loan amount remaining against it. 

You also select your primary source of income and choose whether you are currently bankrupt. Read the privacy policy, terms and conditions then Click Go. 

Step 2 – Connect with a lender

If you are connected with a lender, you visit the lender’s website to finish the application. It’s advisable also to read the lenders terms and conditions prior to signing the contract.

Step 3 – Get your cash

Depending on the lender, the money is released within 24 hours should the application be successful. 


TitleBanko allows you to compare a number of auto title loan providers with just one online form, which makes it reliable to a certain degree. Additionally, zero documents are needed when filling the online form, only a proof of income and your vehicle to the lender.

However, two challenges are persistent, lack of online reviews and lack of transparency on the costs. That said, you might need to evaluate the options of using TitleBanko for your services or not. Also, it’s important not to forget that by using your car or motorcycle as collateral. Failure to repay the loan will automatically lead to the repossession of your automobile.