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Last updated: 28th Feb 2020

TrustedPersonalLoans Review

If you have high borrowing needs and your credit profile is less than perfect, then TrustedPersonalLoans is an ideal place to find a lender. 

TrustedPersonalLoans is an online platform that partners with lenders to offer credit facilities to borrowers. The platform is entirely free of charge to use, and you can qualify for loan amounts of as little as $200 up to $40,000. 

To understand more about the costs, features, and qualifications requirements of this platform, make sure you read this review to the end. 


Since TrustedPersonalLoans is a third-party that connects you with your potential lenders, it’s not upfront about the APRs that you’re likely to get. The rates that you will be offered will depend on factors such as your state, connected lender, credit profile, income, and much more. 

Unlike traditional loans, most short-term online loans are unsecured and can charge very high APRs. If you are not comfortable with repayment terms that you’ll be offered, you shouldn’t proceed with the loan. If you proceed with the loan offer, only borrow the amount that you can repay comfortably. Also, remember that most lenders will charge you a penalty fee for late payments. 

Most lenders in this platform offer maximum loan limits of up to $1,000. Again, it’s not guaranteed that you can qualify for that amount. The majority of the applicants, especially first-time applicants, are offered short-term loans of less than $1,000.

Key features 

There are many benefits of using TrustedPersonalLoans to apply for a loan. One outstanding feature of using this platform is that you have access to a vast network of lenders that offer loans from $200 to $40,000. 

Also, the lenders in this network will qualify you for a loan for any purpose. For instance, you can use the loan to pay for; insurance, education, Medical Bills, wedding, vacations, emergency events, taxes, or debt consolidation. 

To qualify for a loan through TrustedPersonalLoans is also very easy, and funding takes place within 1 business day. Also, you will still be considered regardless of your credit profile

Once you are connected to a lender, all the other loan details, including repayment, will be between you and your lender. The lender will provide the loan rates and repayment terms on the loan contract. Look out for details such as the APRs, payment dates and amounts, late repayment fee, origination fee, payment methods, and more. These terms vary based on the lender’s policy. 

TrustedPersonalLoans also care about your privacy and security. All the data transmitted through its site is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure that the information you provide during the online application is safe. You should, however, note that TrustedPersonalLoans may shares your information with one or more lenders on its platform. 

Other benefits and downsides of using TrustedPersonalLoans include:


  • No credit score limit 
  • Safe and Quick application process 
  • Access to a wide network of lenders
  • Quick funding 


  • No rates and fee estimates 
  • It’s not a direct lender 


What are the repayment terms? 

The repayment terms, including the rates that you’ll be offered, will vary based on the lender you’re connected with, your state, the loan amount borrowed, your credit profile, income, or more. 

If you apply and you’re matched with a lender, the lender will offer you a loan contract indicating all the rates and repayment terms that you will be charged. Most lenders offer short-term loans of below $1,000 and offer a repayment term of 30 days. Higher loan limits may have a more extended repayment period. 

What if I don’t repay my loan on time? 

Most lenders will charge a penalty fee for late payments. The late penalty fee may also vary based on a lender, and it’s indicated on the loan contract. Failure to repay your loan may also attract the lender to take legal or collection actions.

 It’s, therefore, crucial to understand your lender’s late payments or default policies, so that you know what to expect in case you default. 

When can I get the funds after approval? 

The specific time it will take for your funds to be processed will depend on the lender that you are connected with. Most short-term lenders promise to fund your account on the next business day. 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify to apply for a loan through TrustedPersonalLoans, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Have an active bank account 
  • Have a regular source of income 
  • Be a US permanent resident or Citizen 
  • Live in the eligible states 

Lenders may require you to meet additional requirements before they can qualify you for a loan. 

State Availability

Not all states can apply for a loan through TrustedPersonalLoans, to find out if your state is eligible, please contact the customer support team. 

Customer support

If you need any assistance or queries, you can forward it to the TrustedPersonalLoans customer support team at The customer service team is attentive and responds to all inquiries promptly. 

Application process

Follow the following steps to complete the online application;

Step 1 – Visit the TrustedPersonalLoans website application page 

Step 2 – Select the desired loan amount, credit score, and loan purpose. Click Next to continue. 

Step 3 – Fill in your ZIP code, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. 

Step 4 – Read and agree to the terms of use and submit the application. 

Step 5 – You’ll be connected to a lender based on the information you provided. The lender that you are connected with may require you to provide additional information such as your income, Driver’s license number, residential state, and bank information. 

Steps 6 – If you are offered a loan, carefully read the terms and conditions of the loan contract, and only sign up if you agree. All the loan details will be provided on the contract. 

Step 7 – Wait for the funds to be deposited into your bank account. 


If you are ready to be connected to your lender, then don’t waste any more time. Apply today. However, I recommend that you review your loan agreement carefully before agreeing to it. Remember, you won’t be charged anything until you sign the loan agreement.