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Last updated: 16th Feb 2021

Snappy Payday Loans Review

What do you do when your financial needs can’t wait until the next payday? If you are in such a situation, getting a short-time loan is always a great way to cover unplanned financial expenses. And unlike the old days, nowadays you don’t have to visit a bank or a store to apply for a loan. You can do that online right in the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, you don’t have to review one lender to the other. Snappy Payday Loans can connect you to the right lender within seconds. The loan application process is fast, and if you qualify, you can get the allocated funds as soon as the same day. As well, on this platform, you have access to a variety of loan products including payday loans, lines of credit, and installments loans.

To determine if this platform is the right place to find your lender, here is an in-depth review of its key features, benefits, and requirements that you should be aware of.


Since Snappy Payday Loans isn’t a direct lender, it doesn’t provide many details regarding the rates and the repayment terms that you can qualify for. The exact rates and terms depend on factors such as your credit rating, loan amount borrowed, state of residence, income, and credit history, among other factors. The only way to know the terms that you’ll be offered is by applying for a loan through the website.

While Snappy Payday Loans doesn’t give an estimate of the APRs, it does say something about the repayment terms;

Payday loans payday cash advance loans are repaid within 30 months or on the next paycheck.

Payday installment loan- the loans are repaid within 4 to 6 months

Installment loans – these loans have a longer-term – mostly within 12 months

Lines of credit – these loans are open-ended and have no specific maturity dates.

If you proceed to apply for a loan on this platform, make sure that you review the loan documents thoroughly before signing. If you are not comfortable with specific terms or conditions, remember that you are not under any obligation to accept any offer.

Key features

Snappy Loan is basically a loan connection platform that works with multiple lenders to offer a variety of credit facilities. Since it isn’t a direct lender, it isn’t upfront with the APRs and terms associated with its loan services. The amount you qualify and the terms will be determined by the lender that you are connected with.

Another great feature with this platform is that you can still qualify for a loan even with a bad credit profile.  As well, you don’t need any collateral to qualify for a loan. While these factors can make you feel excited, they come with downsides. Poor credit profiles with unsecured loans attract very high APRs and lower loan limits.

As for the application process, it’s completed online and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Once you apply, you will be matched with one or more lenders. This makes it convenient to compare offers from different lenders and find the best deal. If you are satisfied with the loan offer, you can move forward to borrow a loan with the lender. The amount that you’ll qualify depends on your credit history, credit score, state, and income. Once your loan is approved, you can get the funds as soon as the same day.

Snappy Payday Loans also notes that most of its network of lenders don’t report your credit history to major credit bureaus such as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. However, they may use alternative credit reporting bureaus such as Mircobilt, DataX, FactorTrust, and Clarity. Therefore, not making on-time payments may affect reduce your chances of qualifying for a loan with lenders that use those credit reporting agencies. 

Other benefits and upsides of using Snappy Payday Loans services include;


  • Accepts all credit scores
  • Access to a wide pool of lenders
  • Available in most states
  • Quick application process
  • Quick turnaround time


  • Not available to states
  • Not transparent with the rates and terms
  • Not a direct lender
  • You must have a valid checking bank account


Which states are not eligible to apply?

If you live in the following states, you can’t apply for a loan through Snappy Loan; New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and North Carolina.   

Can I apply with a bad credit?

Yes, all credit profiles are qualified to apply.

Is my credit history reported to credit bureaus?

According to Snappy Loan, most of its lenders don’t report credit reports to major credit bureaus. However, it states that the lenders may report your credit history to other credit agencies.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a loan through this website, you must meet the following minimum requirements;

  • You must have an active checking account
  • Must have a verifiable source of income
  • Must be US permanent resident or Citizen
  • Must be 18 years old and above

State Availability

All US state are eligible to qualify for a loan with Snappy Payday Loans except for;

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding Snappy Payday Loans services, you can reach out to the customer support team at 1-844- 390-0450 or write them an email at The customer service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST. 

Application Process

To apply for a loan via Snappy Payday Loans, follow these steps;

Step 1 – Go to the Snappy Payday Loans website

Step 2 – Fill in your first and last names, phone numbers, email address, and state of residence. Click Submit

Step 3 – Enter the desired loan amount and personal information, including your Social Security Number and address.

Step 4 – Fill in your bank information including the account number and bank routing number

Step 5 – Enter your employment information including your employer, income, and the next 2 pay dates

Step 6 –Read and agree to the terms and conditions and then submit the application. Wait for a response. It may take up to 4 minutes for your request to be reviewed and to be connected with a lender.

Step 7 – If you are offered a loan, review it, and accept it if it meets your needs. You will then be directed to the lender’s website for further application. If your loan is approved, you will be provided with the loan documents to sign.

Carefully review the loan documents before you sign. Make sure that you understand and agree with all the terms and conditions of the loan agreement before you sign.  You are not under any obligation to sign the loan documents if you are not comfortable with terms. Once you sign, you can expect to receive the funds within the next business day.


Snappy Payday Loans can be a convenient place to find a reliable lender even with a bad credit profile. However, given the fact that it isn’t upfront with the APRs its lenders offer, it’s important to borrow wisely. You don’t want to find yourself in a pit of debts.

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