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What Should I Look For When I Compare Loans Providers?

07 Sep 2018
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Compare Loan Providers

With hundreds of lenders currently operating in the UK loans market, wading through each individual provider is not only incredibly time consuming but comes with no guarantee of actually being accepted.

Instead, can help you to quickly and easily compare UK loans by doing the legwork on your behalf. We'll use your information to search an extensive panel of UK direct lenders, providing you with a personalised loan comparison in a matter of minutes.

Which Lenders Can I Use?

At, we work with the UK's leading mainstream and independent lenders to help you find the very best deal for your circumstances. This also gives us access to a diverse range of lending options, so whether you want to work with a peer to peer lender or feel that you'd be better suited with a guarantor, we can help.

Our lenders include, but are not limited to:

What Should I Look For When I Compare Loans Providers?

Whenever comparing loans providers with, the first thing to check is which providers can offer you the full amount you're looking for over a term that's affordable.

You'll also want to take a look at the interest rates available – the lower the interest rate, the less you'll repay on a like for like basis. The same goes for any fees that are involved. Whilst most lenders will be able to approve and transfer your loan completely free of charge, some can charge a for same day, faster transfers.

If you don't think your credit score is up to scratch then take a look at the other loan types that are available. As will as more traditional short term loans, we've also helped thousands of customers to compare guarantor loans and logbook loans online.

Compare Bad Credit Loans

If you've had problems getting credit in the past then the great news is that all is not lost. Whenever you compare loan providers, you'll have the freedom to choose from lenders which cater for a diverse range of financial backgrounds.

With high street banks tightening their belts following the credit crunch, mainstream lending options have been harder to come by for those with a less than perfect credit history. Fortunately, the number of specialist bad credit lenders has increased significantly, meaning that you've got a great chance of being accepted even if you've been refused elsewhere.

Once you've found a loan that you're happy with, meeting your agreed repayments on time and in full will help to improve your credit score for future borrowing.

What Other Loan Providers Are Available?

As well as traditional short term loans, we can also help you to compare guarantor loans if you're really struggling to get finance by yourself. Simply ask a friend or family member to step in and agree to take on your loan repayments should you fall into financial difficulties along the way.

The same applies for secured loans, such as logbook loans. Your vehicle can be used as collateral to increase your chances of acceptance. You'll still retain full use of your vehicle although the lender will take temporary legal ownership until the balance has been repaid.

So what are you waiting for? Get a free, no obligation loan comparison online with and get a great deal on your next lending stream today.

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