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Why You Should Consider Cruise Ship Retirement Instead of Assisted Living

16 Oct 2019
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As you approach retirement you may start thinking of how you will spend your time after retiring. Besides engaging in various activities you can decide to travel and visit some of the most exotic places by sailing on a cruise ship. If you plan early for your retirement on a cruise ship it can help you realize your dreams of visiting some of the best places.

Planning for cruise ship retirement

For you to retire in a cruise ship you have to first establish whether it is within your earnings and budget. It can be tricky determining how much it will cost to retire in a cruise ship. But on average a passenger, on board, a cruise ship will spend $213 per day. However, it depends whether you are opting for cheaper fares or luxury fare which ultimately will determine the total amount you could spend. When booking you will easily get discounts if you plan to spend several months sailing compared to taking a trip for a few days.

Why cruise ship retirement

Having to spend your retirement years at sea is emotionally, financially and practically fulfilling. Having spent almost your entire life around it is better to consider something challenging and enjoy the serenity of the sea. Life in a cruise ship offers an exciting retirement option that is full of adventure and surrounded by lively people.

A cruise ship is a functional community and although the rooms may be costly relative to a land-based community they come with numerous add-ons. On a cruise ship you get to enjoy fresh air, socialization and hospitality. With better health those at age of retirement might save on healthcare expenses.

For those with limited financial resources cruise ship retirement is an affordable option relative to assisted living which can eat up your savings faster. Life on a cruise ship could help you not exhaust your savings faster. On average you will have to spend around $119 or below to keep the cost of cruise ship living lower compared to assisted living.

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