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Allied Cash Advance

Allied Cash Advance stands with families that have limited options in the conventional financial arrangement. They issue short-term credit to individuals in different states. They are determined to turn your life around when you’re in dire need of financial aid.

They are diverse in their loan packages which makes them attractive. Installment loans, payday loans and lines of credit are all at your disposal. Currently, Allied Cash Advance is available in five states where is continually changing the lives of many people in terms of issuing loans. You can borrow between $50 and $5000 depending on your state.


While the website isn’t clear about the fees and loan rates, Allied Cash Advance has over 40complaints, the majority of are grumpy of high fees and bad customer service. It’s also common that payday and installment loans come with higher fees, Allied Cash Advance loans in this category are no different.

Key features

Allied Cash Advance has several features that make it distinctive from the rest of the crowd. The referral program and the fact that it has no credit requirements are probably the biggest bonus you get for choosing them. While it may look perfect, it also has its shortcomings which you need to pay close attention to, before making a decision. We’ll start with the benefits and then have a glimpse at the drawbacks.


  • Referral program – given that most people are good fans of lotteries, Allied Cash Advance gives its members a chance to win $500 each Friday depending on the number of people they have referred to.
  • Quick decision – loan processing and disbursement are incredibly fast.
  • Diversity – different packages such as payday loans, lines of credit and installment loans. All can be either applied instore or online depending on your location.
  • Friendly – the mere fact that they do not offer credit checks makes it friendly, you worry less about your credit score dipping.
  • Registered with OLA and CFSA – it’s a member of both the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) whose mandate is to formulate the best practices to be followed by online lenders and connection service providers.


  • Scanty details – While websites are expected to provide consumers with a wide array of information regarding the services offered, the Allied Cash Advance website does not. You cannot figure out the interest rates or conditions for its loans.
  • Not stand-alone – unlike applying for a loan directly at its stores, it depends on a secondary party (also its partner) to process its online loans.
  • Limited footprint – compared to other loan providers, Allied Cash Advance has minimal footprint – only five states. Nonetheless, it’s available in an additional 20 states where it acts as an online connection service.
  • Violation of consumer finance statutes – dating back in 2017, the State of Virginia sued Allied Cash Advance claiming they were operating without a license and violating the consumer finance statutes of its citizens. At the time of writing, the case is yet to be resolved.
  • Poor customer service – a considerable number of complaints are a result of bad customer service.


To best acquaint yourself with a service provider, the best section to check is the frequently asked questions sections. In this section, you’ll find genuine concerns from clients and thus you will know what to expect and what not to expect. Additionally, you get to know if there is any challenging process and how to go around so that you don’t get stuck.

How can I get in touch with Allied Cash Advance?

In case of general questions, you can reach them via the helpline 800-528-1974, Monday to Friday from 08:00hrs to 20:00hrs while on Saturdays, they’re reachable from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs. Alternatively, you can visit their website and fill an email form on their contacts page.

How does a loan connection service work?

Connection service entails partnering with another lender to process online loans. In this case, Allied Cash Advance has partnered with Check `N Go, which processes your loan. If you qualify, your loan will be disbursed by Check `N Go and also the loan will be repaid to them.

How does the referral program work?

Refer-a-friend program works like a lottery. When you refer a friend and they apply for a loan, you will be entered in a draw to win $500. To refer people, just visit their website and fill in your store number followed by your email address and your friends’ email. Winners are notified via email, so you have to give a working mail.

Eligibility Criteria

Short-term loans from Allied Cash Advance are designed to be friendly for most individuals to qualify. However, certain conditions must be met as follows;

  • US Citizen
  • Valid US government-issued ID
  • At least 18years of age
  • Bank Account
  • A consistent source of income

State Availability

Allied Cash Advance is available in five states namely, Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, and Virginia. Furthermore, it acts as a connection service in 20 other states. Check the table below for full state availability;



Payday loans

Installment loans

Lines of credit


California, Indiana, Michigan

Arizona, California



Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming

Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin


Table 2 Allied Cash Advance State Availability

Customer support

You can contact them through 800-528-1974 during weekdays, starting from 08:00hrs to 20:00 hrs. On Saturdays you can reach them from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs. The other option to contact them is by filling an email form on the contacts page on their website.

Application process

There are two ways to apply for a loan from Allied Cash Advance. The first option is to visit a storefront and make the application. In this case, if you qualify, you receive the funds the same day. The second option is to make an online application. If you choose this option, you should be aware that Allied Cash Advance will just be an intermediary. Pay `N Go, Allied’s partner will be your actual lender.

Apply for a loan online with the following steps;

  1. Visit the Allied Cash Advance’s website and select Apply Now
  2. Create an account. To create an account you will be required to fill in your name, email, and password and for recovery purposes, a security question.
  3. Fill in the personal information (ID number and Address Social Security Number)
  4. Choose the loan package from the ones available in your state.
  5. Key in your income and bank account details
  6. Read and agree with the terms and conditions.
  7. Click Submit and you’re good to go.

All this information will be forwarded to Pay `N Go for processing. If you qualify, you’ll be required to confirm your loan request and sign your loan documents. You can now accept the funds in your bank account not later than the following day.


Allied Cash Advance stands out for some of its services like payday and installment loan applications. They can be done directly or online via their partner. Nonetheless, you need to reconsider the idea of committing to them given some very intriguing shortcomings such as lack of transparency on loan rates, fees and terms. Moreover, the legal tussles with the government of Virginia, given the accusation, make it less transparent and it’s advisable to compare its services with other lenders to make an informed choice.