Best Payday Loan Apps 2020

The demand for quick credit is a significant contributor to the rapidly growing popularity of payday which are easier to acquire than regular bank loans. The process of accessing these loans is significantly easier than applying for a bank loan and, thus, the popularity.

Access to payday loans is so easy that one can apply and get access to this type of loan from their own home through their smartphones. Here are examples of good payday loans that are easily accessible to U.S residents.


1. Viva Payday Loans

Viva Payday Loans Logo

In a market where short-term lenders are ever competing to be the fastest when it comes to the processing of loan requests and the issuing of approved loans, Viva Payday Loans is among the top contenders. It boasts of a fast loan application process that takes less than 5 minutes.


  • It offers a speedy loan application process and expedited approvals.
  • It is accessible in all the states, thus boasting of superior coverage


  • Despite offering its services in all the states, it charges different rates in different states, thus no standardized fee structure for all. It means that users in some states pay more for the same loan as their counterparts in other states.

2. Fast Cash Advance Payday Loan App

This U.S-based payday app aims to live up to its name by providing easily accessible payday loans in a speedy and timely manner.


  • The speedy application process allows app users to complete the application process in a matter of minutes. It also has an auto-fill option for data where users can use the data stored on their Facebook profiles for even faster application.
  • It provides fast approvals and instant notification on whether the loan application has been approved or not. It means that the applicant will know whether they are approved or not within a few minutes after submitting their application.
  • The funds will be in your account within 24 hours once the application is given the greenlight.
  • It has a high loan limit since users can get as much as $15,000.


  • Loans are only accessible to U.S citizens.

3. CashNetUSA App

CashNetUSA is another U.S-based payday loan app that is one of the fastest as far as the loan processing is concerned. It, therefore, targets anyone that may be looking for a quick small loan since its loan only ranges from $255 to $500.


  • It offers a fast application process in which users can finish in roughly 5 minutes, and those whose loans are approved receive funds in their accounts the next day.
  • Those who repay the loans early earn back some of the cash they had paid as interest.
  • Borrowers can make their loan repayments in their preferred repayment duration from two weeks to 15 months, thus enjoying flexibility.


  • It shares your data with third-parties such as advertisers.
  • CashNet cannot be accessed in all states.

4. LendYou is yet another payday app that offers quick and easily accessible loans. Like many payday loan services, it takes advantage of the demand for easy access to credit, especially since accessing regular bank loans can be quite a hassle.


  • The loan application process is easy and takes very little time.
  • The platform ensures timely delivery once loans are approved, usually in an hour.
  • It is not as strict as other similar platforms as far as the qualification criteria are concerned.


  • It is not available in all states.

5. Rise Loans

It is considered one of the best payday loan apps as far as the flexibility of repayments is concerned. It also offers a higher limit than most of the short-term loan services out considering that its loan ceiling is set at $5,000.


  • Borrowers enjoy flexible loan repayment plans.
  • The APR is set at 299%, which is quite low compared to other short-term loan lending platforms.
  • It has a high loan limit of $5,000.


  • It is not available in all states. Only users in states can access this payday loan lending app.

6. Check Into Cash App

Most payday lenders have limited availability in the U.S, and so users in some states are disadvantaged or they do not get the best deal out there. However, Check Into Cash is a payday lender that is available in a majority of the states, though not all. However, its coverage is quite solid.


  • Borrowers enjoy excellent flexibility when choosing the amount they would like to borrow since the loans on the platform start from $5, and go all the way to $1000.
  • This particular payday lending app has good coverage since it is available in 30 states in the U.S.
  • It has been running its operations for about three decades now, and so it managed to build a strong positive reputation. It is considered one of the most reliable payday services in the country.


  • The fees charged by this lending platform are not uniform. It means that the fees charged in one state may be higher than in another state. It means that a user in one state may end up paying more than users in another state.


How much money will I likely be approved for by a loan app?

Payday loan apps usually have maximum and minimum loan amounts that they offer, and they typically have a section where they state the range of their loan offering. However, some may determine how much to provide you with based on various factors such as your past loan repayment history, your ability to repay and your credit rating,

How much interest should I expect to be charged by a payday lending app?

Payday loan providers have to adhere to the maximum interest rate ceiling of 36% as dictated by Federal laws. It means that the interest rate cannot go higher than that. However, the interest rate will vary based on factors such as borrowing history, the amount borrowed, and the repayment duration. The longer the duration, the more interest you should expect to pay.

Which is the best payday app?

There are many payday loan apps out there and so deciding which one is the best might not precisely be easy since each has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, keep in mind that some have excellent offerings, but they may be limited in terms of the locations where they are available. Some may focus on providing higher loan limits while others may focus on speed and efficiency, and others may even focus on low pricing. Deciding which one is the best is entirely subjective, and so at the end of the day, it depends on your preference and what works best for you.

How do I get cash from a lending app?

Payday lending apps make it extremely easy to access their services. It is as simple as downloading the app, creating your profile by filling in the required details, and then select the loan amount you would like to borrow as soon as you are done with the registration process. Once the lending app verifies the details and all the other eligibility checks, you should expect to receive the loan approval or denial notification, and the loan amount after that if approved.