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Last updated: 28th Feb 2020

Cash Advance Review

Cash Advance is a short term financial service provider that connects you to their vast network of lenders that assist you in solving your current financial crisis. Owned and run by the Ute Indian tribe, the company has proved to be a reliable and trusted lender since 1997.

What makes Cash Advance stand out from the crowd? Your bad credit score doesn’t exempt you from applying for a loan as long as you meet their basic eligibility criteria.

With this advantage, you get access to lenders that can give you payday loans ranging between $100 and $999. The APR and maximum amount of cash you can apply for depends on your state and chosen lender. But be prepared to get APR that is up to 1500% if you need larger loans.

What are their Costs?

Submitting a loan request on the website is free of charge. On matters regarding the APR, you must first get a loan approval by one of their partners. The lender will tell you the fees, rate, and the amount you are to pay. They can check your creditworthiness before qualifying you for a loan.

We did more research and managed to come up with mock rates and costs you may incur. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect but not the actual APR. You can visit their site and get more information on this.

Loan Range 

Expected APR 

Amount to repay

$100 -$350

54% – 109%

1-3 months

$350 – 750

54% – 109%

2-6 months


54% – 109%

4-12  months

Key Features

When applying for a loan on any platform, you’re sure what to expect especially as the repayment terms are concerned. Plus, you don’t know the APR range the lender will charge you. While cash advance doesn’t provide you with the same information, they have developed a feature that gives you a hint of what to expect.

The sliding scale is an excellent customer resource tool that increases their transparency. You can get your potential APR, and the time it will take you to repay the loan.

So what are the benefits you will love and the downsides that might prick you? Take a look.


  • Vast lender network to give you loans that suit you
  • A simple website that’s easy to navigate
  • Great customer experience


  • Must be employed and earn at least $1000 after tax to be eligible
  • Potential high APR


What Happens After I have been Matched with a lender?

The first thing to check is whether your lender is legit. Amidst all the security protection policy, some lenders still make their way to scam customers on the platform. Check their terms carefully. You can then complete the application process and set up the repayment plans.

Does Cash Advance perform credit checks?

No. It’s maybe the reason why a bad credit score may not work against you. However, it’s still not a guarantee that the lenders will not do the credit checks.

When do I get my money?

This will depend on the time your loan gets approved. If you are lucky enough to get it approved on the day of application, you get your money within 24 hours. 

How do I repay my short term loan?

You have many options to repay your loan. You can either give them access to cut loan payments from your account automatically. Or you can pay by money order, send them a check, or make a manual payment in their offices.

Eligibility Criteria

Getting a short term loan without a job on any platform is not as easy, that’s for sure. That’s why you need to be employed to get a loan with cash Advance.  But if you do more research, you can’t fail to get at least one or two lenders that compromise.

Apart from this, you must meet the following requirement to get a loan from Cash Advance lenders.

  • Have a valid checking account
  • Have a working telephone number and email address
  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Be a citizen of the US

State Availability

While most expensive states like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts that might use the help of Cash advance have been left out, Cash Advance covers most of the areas in the USA. Some of these include;









New Hampshire










Customer Support

Cash Advance has its customers’ interest at heart, and they strive their best to help you get the most memorable experience. If you have any urgent query, you can head to their FAQ section on their website. 

They will answer all your questions about their protocol of service, rates, and fees as best and timely as possible. If you’ve not got your answer yet, you can call them on (800) 380-2274 or shoot them an email at, where they reply ASAP.

Application Process

The loan application is not that intricate, which makes it reliable if you need fast cash. Take your time to answer the questions honestly carefully and honestly. Follow this procedure in your application process.

  • Go to their website. 
  • Enter your full names, the amount you need, the zip code of your state, and then click “get started.”
  • Enter more personal details, including your phone number, date of birth, your email address for easy contact, and your social security number.
  • Put your financial status information such as income, bank account, and your employer details.
  • The last step is going through their E-consent, terms of use and privacy policy, and then you can submit your application.


If you are looking for a credible and short term loan service provider in the US, you can give cash advance loans a short. You don’ have to face tough times and see things going haywire while the answers are only one google search away. Visit their site today and get out of your financial embarrassment.