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Last updated: 28th Feb 2020

Elastic lender review 

What happens when you need emergency financial assistance that can’t wait until tomorrow? Unlike the old days when you had to beg money from friends or wait for as long as 7 days to get a loan from your bank, nowadays, you don’t have to go through that trouble. 

One reliable place to request for financial funding without having to wait or fill out multiple applications is Elastic. Elastic is U.S based online financial lender that aims at offering fast and affordable lines of credit. 

All you need to secure a loan with Elastic is a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection, meet a few requirements, and there you have your money. 

Let’s get a deep understanding of what Elastic Loans entail. 

How much do Elastic Loans Costs 

Before signing any loan documents, whether online or physical, make sure that you understand and agree with all the details. When dealing with lenders, the fees or interest rates are among the most factors you need to keep an eye on. 

With Elastic, you can loan out amounts ranging from $500 to $4,500. You only have to take what you need and can be able to pay up. Here is a summary of Elastic Loans fees and repayment terms;

  • Loan amount – $500 to $4,500 
  • Cash advance costs- 5% – 10 % of the loan principal amount 
  • Carried balance fee – 5% – $350 
  • APR – 137% to 150%

As you can see, Elastic fees are reasonably priced given the fact that it’s an online lender. For instance, if you loan out $500 and choose a biweekly repayment plan, you will be charged a cash advance fee of $25. Elastic will deduct the $25 from your funds. This means that you will only receive $457.

As for the Carried balance fee, it’s the fee that will be charged for every billing cycle that you have a balance of $10.01+. The cost ranges from $5 to a maximum of $350.

According to Elastic loan calculator, if you repay your entire loan balance within monthly installments of 6 months +, you will pay up around $670 (cash advance and carried balance fee included). 

For the repayment term, most borrowers use a payment schedule that matches with their income schedule. For instance, if you are paid every one month, you can set up a corresponding monthly plan for repayments. 

Features of Elastic Loans 

If you sign up for a loan with Elastic, there are plenty of benefits that you will enjoy. Besides the favorable interest rates, the repayment terms are also well structured. Elastic allows you to sync your repayment dates based on your payday.

Additionally, if you repay your loan before the due dates, you won’t be charged a prepayment penalty. In fact, you may save money as Elastic will no longer have an outstanding balance to charge. 

Elastic also has an online learning program that is aimed at helping you to manage your finances. 

Here are other advantages and disadvantages of using Elastic;


  • Can qualify even with a bad credit 
  • Favorable rates and repayment terms 
  • Secure systems
  • Wide range of loan amounts – $500 to $4,500 
  • No collateral for credit


  • Not available to the military and some states 
  • Charges carried balance and cash advance fees
  • Has the Cooling-off period when you can’t access a loan due to recurring missed payments. 


Is it safe to apply for a loan with Elastic? 

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to apply for a loan with Elastic. If you are worried that your financial information will leak out to unsafe hands, Elastic uses a 128-bit TLS protection system, to make sure that your information is fully protected. 

To find out which sources Elastic shares your financial information with, you can contact them at the number given at their privacy policy page. 

Is Elastic registered? 

Yes, Elastic was registered and accredited lending rights by the Better Business Bureau in September 2018. As well, Elastic operates under state rules. 

Can I apply for a loan with Elastic? 

Yes, all you need is to meet their minimum requirements. For instance, you must be 18 years or older, have a regular source of income, meet credit requirements, have an existing bank checking account, and have a valid email address. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To get a loan with Elastic, you must meet the following set minimum requirements;

  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Have a regular source of income 
  • Have a valid email address 
  • Be a resident of an eligible state 
  • Not a member of the military 
  • Have an active checking account 
  • Be in a position to provide the necessary documentation to confirm your details 

State availability 

Elastic offers credit facilities to residents of 39 states. If you live in the following states, you are not eligible to apply for a loan with Elastic;

  • Colorado
  • Georgia 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Connecticut 
  • New Hampshire 
  • New Jersey 
  • North Carolina 
  • New York 
  • Vermont 
  • West Virginia 
  • Pennsylvania 

Customer support 

If you need any assistance or advice from Elastic, please contact the customer support team. According to the online customer reviews, the Elastic Customer service team is amiable and will respond to your queries timely. 

Application process

To apply for a loan with Elastic is easy and straightforward. 

  • Visit the Elastic line of credit website and click “Apply Now.” 
  • Fill all the required information – your name, email address, password, phone number, residence address, bank information, and income information. Once you complete filling out all the details, click “Submit.” 
  • Wait for the Elastic team to respond to your application. Upload any required documents 
  • If your loan is approved, you will be offered a loan offer. Read and understand all the terms and conditions before signing the contract. 
  • The funds will be deposited into your bank account. You can receive the funds on the next day after approval. 


If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, Elastic is an excellent choice for you. While the rates are higher compared to some other online lenders, the overall application and approval process is fast. As well, Elastic offers you flexible repayment terms where you can choose a repayment plan based on your payday.