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Visa Prepaid Cards

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WestStein Travel Card

Get card for free with no credit check

Pay and receive salary in EUR currency

A secure and simple way to manage your finances 24/7, shop securely online and in retail stores

WeSwap Travel Card

Swap to up 18 different currencies and travel on the go

Contactless MastercardĀ® accepted worldwide

Super simple app and heaps of features to help everyone travel easy

Tuxedo Prepaid Card

No credit checks are performed when you apply

Pay in by cash, bank transfer

FREE to purchase overseas, manage your money on the move

Prepaid Cards Using Visa

With more than 100 billion transactions processed in 2014 alone, it’s fair to say that Visa are one of the world’s largest corporations. With the ongoing rise in popularity of prepaid cards, Visa have stepped into this arena and Visa prepaid cards have now become one of the most widely used around the globe.

Whilst they’re more commonly known as a provider of credit and debit cards, Visa prepaid cards have moved away from their traditional lending model by offering consumers the opportunity to perform PIN and contactless transactions without the need for credit.

Instead, users simply deposit money onto their Visa prepaid cards and are only able to spend what’s actually on the account. This is a fantastic way to help people stop overspending as well as helping young and old people alike to avoid the pitfalls of overdraft charges, interest payments and late repayment fees.

Where Can I Use Visa Prepaid Cards?

As an international banking corporation, Visa prepaid cards receive exactly the same global support as their traditional debit and credit cards. Whether you’re in London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, you’ll be able to make online and in-store transactions using your prepaid card.

Have you been refused other types of Visa credit and debit cards? When using prepaid cards, Visa won’t offer you any form of credit meaning that no credit or affordability checks are necessary at any point. This means that you’re guaranteed to be accepted and won’t have to worry about damaging your credit score.

This also makes them an ideal companion for younger people who are just starting out with banking but don’t wish to keep all of their funds on a single debit card that links straight to their bank accounts.

How Can I Apply For Visa Prepaid Cards?

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