N26 Bank In-depth Review 2019 | Read BEFORE You Join

Originally launched in Germany in 2016, N26 has experienced a rapid rise from its initial €10m investment to delivering more than €2bn of transactions per month. This online only challenger bank now serves 26 countries worldwide with plenty more to be added in the coming months and years.

In this N26 review, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the N26 current account, its features and how it compares to similar online bank accounts on the market.

Types of Accounts

N26 offers no less than three different current accounts for you to choose from depending on your own individual banking needs.

  • N26 Current Account
  • N26 You Account
  • N26 Metal Account

N26 Current Account

This no strings, no frills N26 current account gives you all of your basic banking needs completely free of charge. Manage your balance online as well as depositing, withdrawing and transferring money.

N26 You

Perfect for the travellers amongst you, N26 You offers free cash withdrawals in any currency as well as local currency card payments, helping you to avoid nasty foreign transaction fees. You’ll also be able to take advantage of exclusive partner discounts.

N26 Metal

For the full N26 banking experience, you’ll need to upgrade to N26 Metal. As well as getting an awesome looking stainless steel contactless card, you’ll have discounted access to LoungeKey areas at hundreds of international airports as well as extensive cover against medical emergencies whilst abroad.

Key Features Of N26

As a mobile only current account, N26 is heavily focused on security and usability. You’ll have a ton of in-built features such as being able to set daily spending and withdrawal limits, locking and unlocking your card if you’ve misplaced it or even switching between online and overseas payments.

You’ll also have access to MoneyBeam – the innovative new way to transfer money by simply adding contacts to your app through an email or phone number.

Criteria to signup to N26

If you’re looking to setup an N26 bank account you’ll need to meet some basic eligibility criteria to be accepted, including:

  • Being at least 18 years of age when you open your account
  • Having a compatible smartphone
  • Having government approved photographic identification
  • Living in an eligible N26 country (see FAQs)

If you can check each of these boxes then it takes just minutes to setup an N26 current account through your N26 mobile app, with basic banking features available immediately.


The cost of your N26 bank account will depend on the type of account you apply for, however they do offer a free account option to help you get involved with the N26 community.

  • N26 Current Account – £0.00/month
  • N26 You – £4.90/month
  • N26 Metal – £14.90/month

You can upgrade your basic or N26 You account at any time through your mobile app.


The following countries are currently supported by N26:

  • All Eurozone countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States

Yes! And what’s more is that you’ll also avoid any hidden charges or conversion fees no matter what currency you want to be paid in.

N26 VS Monese Comparison

N26 has built up an excellent reputation as one of the leading challenger banks on the market, but how does it fare against the competition?

N26 Monese
International Money Transfer Costs 0.35% – 2.85% through TransferWise 2% flat fee plus £2 minimum charge
Overseas Spending Fees Unlimited, zero commission spending 2% above £2,000 spent in a month
ATM Withdrawal Fees 1.7% 0% up to £200, 2% above £200 per month
Free Accounts Available? Yes Yes

N26 Review – Conclusion

N26 are perhaps not quite as well known in the UK as the likes of Monzo and Revolut, but they are a huge name across Europe in the challenger bank sector and it will surely be just a matter of time before their presence truly hits the UK banking market. Their mobile app is second to none and, with free, unlimited spending overseas, N26 has everything to be your perfect travel companion.

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