Starling Bank In-depth Review 2019 | Read BEFORE You Join

Starling Bank specialises in providing digital banking services through their outstanding mobile banking app. The Starling Bank current account won Best British Bank and Best Current Account at the 2019 British Bank Awards, so they’ve already built up a fantastic reputation as one of the UK’s leading challenger banks.

In this Starling Bank review, we’ll take a closer look at the unique features of their current accounts, eligibility requirements and their costs.

Types of Accounts

Starling Bank offers no less than four different current accounts, all uniquely designed to help ensure almost anyone can get access to their banking services.

  • Personal Account
  • Euro Account
  • Teen Account

Personal Account

The Starling Bank personal account comes with no monthly fees attached and you’ll even be able to earn interest on your balance of 0.5% AER up to £2,000.

Do you share financial commitments with a partner or housemate? Create a Starling joint account by setting it up together from your own individual accounts, allowing you to both deposit, withdraw and track funds on the account.

Euro Account

If you spend money in Europe and would prefer to be able to do all of this in Euros, then the Starling Euro account is here to help. Convert your balance between pounds and euros for a tiny 0.4% conversion fee and you’ll be free to spend money abroad without any nasty hidden charges.

Global express delivery, overseas medical insurance and LoungeKey Pass access are just some of the great rewards on offer to Revolut Premium Account holders.

Teen Account

If you’re 16 or 17 years old then you’ll be able to unlock all of the Starling Bank account features including a MasterCard debit card, instant online transfers and budget tools with the Teen Account.

Key Features Of Revolut

Starling Bank boasts a wealth of useful features to help bank faster and smarter.

  • Goals is a really fun way to visualise and manage savings towards your major spending goals. Whether it’s getting clear of debt, buying a new car or getting together a deposit for a new property, goals helps to visually ring fence your spending without holding money back from you if you need it in the meantime.
  • You’ll also benefit from card controls with the click of a button through your mobile app to help keep your cash safe when your card isn’t! Finally, switch money to other nearby Starling Bank users without needing their account details. Locate them via your app and switch funds using Bluetooth.

Criteria to signup to Starling Bank

The Starling bank account eligibility criteria is as straightforward as it comes. All they ask is that:

  • You’re at least 16 years of age
  • You’re are a UK resident
  • You can provide valid government approved photo identification.

As a digital bank, it should go without saying that you’ll need a smartphone or other compatible device. The Starling Bank app is available through the App Store and Google Play.


The Starling Bank current account is available completely free of charge. That’s right – all of these great features won’t come at any monthly cost plus you’ll even have the opportunity to earn interest on your savings of 0.5% AER up to £2,000.

If you’re feeling flush, earn 0.25% interest on any funds held up to the FSCS limit of £85,000 (see below).


Yes. Since Starling operates as a fully functioning, fully licensed bank, your funds will always be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to a maximum of £85,000.

No. The Starling Bank mobile app is the heart and soul of its banking operation and can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store or App Store.

You’ll be able to carry out all banking activities through your app but telephone and email customer support is available should you ever need it.

Starling VS N26 Bank Comparison

So how does Starling Bank compare to some of the other big hitters on the market? Check out the comparison table below for a quick glance at how Starling stacks up.

Starling Bank N26
Monthly Cost £0.00 £0.00 – £14.90 per month
Interest earned 0.5% up to £2,000, 0.25% up to £85,000 Up to 1.48% on savings accounts
Number of different accounts available 1 3
ATM withdrawels abroad No charges No charges for ATM withdrawals in Euros when abroad

Starling Review – Conclusion

Starling Bank is without a doubt one of the strongest and most reputable challenger banks to emerge from the UK in recent years. The advantages of having your cash protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme cannot be overstated and you’ll also have the luxury of upgrading your account for more benefits at any time.

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