Author: Akbar Lashari

Bill Forgiving Student Debt For Disabled Veterans Passes House

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US Borrowers May Receive Payment Breaks To Deal With Coronavirus

Multiple banks have already offered dedicated assistance to customers that have had their personal finances impacted by the ongoing coronavirus threat. UK and Italy have already provided repayment holidays, and experts believe US policymakers may follow suit if the virus continues to spread. Expected relief policies include repayment holidays, an increase in credit line limits, […]

Banks in the UK Offer Repayment Holidays To Customers Impacted By Coronavirus

Many high street banks, including RBS, TSB, and Lloyds have announced policies to help coronavirus-impacted customers mitigate growing financial issues. Policies include repayment holidays on mortgage and loan products, temporary increase in credit card limits, and waivers on fees charged on early withdrawals from fixed savings accounts. Banks have also pledged individual support for customers […]

Fifth Third Bank Charged By CFPB For Opening Fake Accounts

The CFPB has revealed in a statement that it has charged Fifth Third Bank with opening fake accounts and moving funds belonging to existing customers without their knowledge. Fifth Third also allegedly encouraged its employees to conduct such practices through incentive programs, according to the statement. The consumer watchdog is now seeking legal authority to […]

Citigroup To Waive Fees and Offer Assistance To Coronavirus-Impacted US Customers

Starting Monday, 9th March 2020, those customers and small businesses that have been financially impacted by the ongoing coronavirus threat would be assisted by Citigroup in some ways. The group has announced a waiver of monthly fees applied to consumer bank accounts and penalties applied to certificates of deposit. Experts have cautioned that a further […]

Peachy Closes Doors To UK Customers, Now Run By Administrators

Cash On Go Ltd, Peachy’s parent company, is now being operated by administrators from Smith & Williamson. The payday lender would no longer provide loans in the UK. Existing customers would continue to make repayments on outstanding loans as per the terms and conditions set at the start of the loan. Customers with claims against […]

A Mini Boom In Mortgage Refinancing Activity Expected In The US

The Federal Reserve has cut down key rates that have driven yields down to new lows. As a consequence of rate cuts, mortgage rates have fallen, making refinancing a very attractive option for many homeowners. However, experts believe refinancing may still not result in any actual savings due to closing costs that originate from refinancing […]

Around 15% Of UK Borrowers Opting For Loan Sharks To Ease Financial Troubles

A new study has found that around 50% of Britons have some form of outstanding debt at this time, excluding mortgage loans. Out of these, around 15% are using expensive borrowing through illegal lenders to ease financial troubles. Experts have instead recommended cutting back on unnecessary expenditures and/or borrowing from family/friends to repay outstanding debt. […]

Coronavirus Could Cause Problems For Auto Loan Borrowers In The US, Especially If The Economy Slows Down

A potential slowdown in the US economy could cause greater unemployment, leading many people to fall behind on their car loans. Car loan delinquencies are already at record levels, indicating that borrowers with low incomes are increasingly finding it difficult to make repayments on their car loans. However, experts believe the impact of increasing auto […]

UK Overdraft Facility Providers Start Charging Revised Rates

While some financial service providers have increased rates, others have made overdraft borrowing cheaper for their customers. Many customers will now consider cheaper alternatives as it has become easier to compare overdraft fees being charged by various financial service providers. Experts have also advised customers to consider other borrowing options such as credit cards, as […]