Payday Loan Lenders In Wisconsin (WI)

Are you in Wisconsin and have a pressing financial emergency? Worry not, you have access to numerous loan options, including payday loans that can help you to solve your financial challenges. Payday loans in Wisconsin are available both in-store and online.


Are payday loans banned in Wisconsin?

Unlike in most states where payday loans are not banned, Wisconsin does not inflict stringent measures in the regulation of the payday lenders. For this reason, lenders can easily exploit borrowers by charging them high interest rates.

The state has no stipulated loan amount or interest. The Interest rate goes past 574% APR while one roll-over is allowed on an existing payday loan. While there is no minimum loan term, the maximum loan term is 90 days. There is also no minimum loan amount, the maximum loan amount is $1500 or 35% of the gross monthly applicant’s income, whichever is less. Besides, there is a finance charge of 2.75% per month. Additionally you are not limited on the number of loans you can have at any given time.

Besides payday loans, what other types of loans are available in Wisconsin?

Due to the high interest rates that you’ll be charged for a payday loan, it’s always better to try other loan options. These include;

1. Subprime Credit Card

In case you are in critical need of finances and your credit history is damaged, this is a good substitute. You can choose a secured or unsecured credit card. The borrower pays an up-front deposit and is allowed to charge up to the deposit amount.


  • Helps in improving credit history
  • Fees are generally low as compared to other credit cards


  • Some additional fees
  • A deposit must be made upfront

2. Installment Loans

An installment loan allows the borrower to pay it in installments depending on the agreement between him/her with the lender.


  • Reliable interest rates
  • Longer and friendly terms
  • Eliminates brokers


  • may place customers in a debt trap
  • reports defaulters to the credit bureaus
  • failure to pay, the lender may repossess the items bought

How can I apply for a payday loan in Wisconsin?

The application process is pretty straightforward.

  1. You choose between an online application or visiting a storefront based on your convenience. (We’ll look at the online application.)
  2. Most lenders will require you to fill a form indicating your details such as Names, Dates of birth, phone number and email, and address.
  3. You will also be required to fill in your social security number (to verify your identity), your gross income, and your bank account.
  4. After submitting the form, the lender starts the application processing.
  5. If the application is approved, the personalized rate and terms and conditions will be shown. All you have to do is to sign the terms with digital signatures.

What is the eligibility to apply for a loan in Wisconsin?

To be eligible for a payday loan application in Wisconsin, you have to meet specific requirements. The lender uses these requirements to make sure you will be able to repay the loan. They include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a consistent source of income
  • Must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US.
  • Must have a social security number
  • A checking bank account in your name
  • Current address

Top 5 loan options for Wisconsin State

Wisconsin is among the states with the most significant number of payday lenders. Here are the five best payday lenders you should look at;

1. Speedy Cash | Best for quick transfers

Speedy Cash has both options of applying online or in person – with an outstanding history of collecting payments fairly, Speedy Cash do not penalize prepayments so you can pay your loan off early without any extra fees.

  • Competitively priced against similar short term loans
  • Confidential online service
  • Get a decision in seconds and funds in minutes (if accepted by 7.45pm EST Mon – Thur)
  • Only available in 24 states
  • No deposits available Friday – Sunday

2. Check ‘n Go | Best for people with bad credit




Check ‘n Go provide payday and installment loans. They give loans despite having bad credit. You can borrow between $200 and $3000.

  • Have a prepaid debit card
  • Check to Cash
  • Fully online, no phone calls or house visits
  • Must have a FICO Score of 500
  • Limited loan amounts
  • High APRs

3. CashNetUSA | Best for weekend funding

CashNetUSA boasts of serving more than 3 million customers since they launched. Such a reputation is valuable to consumers. The company provides loans of up to $500.

  • Available online 24/7
  • Available to those with bad credit history
  • High interest rates
  • Fees and rates are dependent on your residential area

4. Advance America | Best for high approval rates

Advance America offers quick online cash advances. They the fastest Cash disbursing machine in not only Wisconsin but also in other states. They are available both online and in storefronts.


  • Fast disbursement
  • Diverse application methods
  • Issue a prepaid card
  • No credit checks


  • Little transparency on rates and fees
  • Poor customer service
  • No check cashing on physical stores

5. | Best for easy and fast approval

Available in the Wisconsin state only, this website has an easy and fast application process to a payday loan. Besides, the funds are delivered very quickly.


  • Minimal credit requirements
  • Fast cash delivery


  • No physical stores
  • High-interest rates
  • Site not user-friendly

Quick FAQs

Can one get a payday loan with bad credit?

Yes, the right thing with payday loans is that the lenders do not care to check your credit. To substitute this, they are short-term and of high interest. Bad credit or no credit, therefore, is not likely to lock you out of any payday loan.

What are payday loan alternatives?

In case you feel that the interest is very high or the repayment time is short, you can always consider ideal alternatives such as installment loans, secured credit cards, and loans from friends or federal aid. With these alternatives, you will not be pressured that much.

How can one get an advance on a check?

Most payday lenders let you visit their stores and fill out a form. After filling the application form, you wait for your money. Nonetheless, some lenders may need proof of your ability to pay, and a bank statement comes becomes handy in such a situation.

Can a lender open criminal action against a lender?

No, the rules of Wisconsin bar the lenders from doing so. Nonetheless, the lenders can sue you for the debts owed to them.


For Wisconsin residents, never get stressed when you find yourself in a constrained budget. A payday loan will be beneficial to get you to your next paycheck. The only alert is that you need to be very cautious during the application process so that you take keen note of the rates, charges, and terms of the loan.